Welcome to my CCT Profile.

My name is Elizabeth May. I am a senior at Thomas Jefferson High school, and I am in the Center for Communications and Technology (CCT for short) program there. The CCT prepares students in the area of technology they are most interested in, and gives them the tools necessary to do well in that field. I am currently studying programming and 3D, but I’m more interested in 3D.

I’ve always loved to play video games and I am an artist. I especially love when I can sit in front of the computer and create something, whether it is drawing or creating 3D models in class. The only problem with that, is I don’t have the program at home to create 3D models, and even if I did my computer at home doesn’t have a good enough graphics card to run the program and allow me to see what I’m doing. I took to 3D in my sophomore year, but I knew I wanted to be in it since my freshman year. In my freshman year, we were creating buildings with 3D, and I found that pretty boring. I couldn’t wait to create something in 3D. I’ve found that my creativeness has aided me in making my 3D videos, and it doesn’t take me long to come up with something funny and creative.

In my 3D class, we learned how to use the program Cinema 4D and all the various features they have. I’ve used release 11 and 15 of this program. As stated before, I don’t have the program (or a Mac (the computers we use)) at home. It’s more convenient for me currently to use my time at school and in my 3D class to create 3D videos.